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Wendy Sheppard - Indigo
# WS5030WGI10
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From Aurifil USA
In Sets and Samplers
Drawing inspiration from the colors of her collection of blue transferware, Wendy Sheppard's Indigo includes 5 spools each of 50wt and Aurifloss so that makers will have everything needed for regular sewing and handstitching projects. Wendy uses 50wt for piecing and quilting her Quilts, as well as for hand appliqué. It was love at first sight when Wendy discovered Aurifloss, which she uses for cross-stitching, smocking, and hand embroidery. The legendary minimal lint feature which goes for all of Aurifil's threads, including the embroidery floss, has been a true game changer in Wendy’s needle-and-thread pursuits.

There is one spool of each of the following colors:
- 50wt: 4140, 2815, 5008, 2805, 2310
- Floss: 4644, 4140, 2815, 5008, 2805

  • Color: Assorted
  • Made of: Cotton
  • Use: Thread Collection
  • Size: Assorted
  • Included: 10 Spools

  • $50.00
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