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Why choose us? Over 1,000 brands and 125,000 products.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD’S LEADING DISTRIBUTOR OF QUILTING AND SEWING PRODUCTS Checker is true one-stop shopping. Offering over 125,000 quilting, sewing, and craft products, we are the world’s leading supplier. The independent shop owner and online retailer are our target customers. While you are here, browse the thousands of vendors on our website which are conveniently sorted by product category and our over 125,000 SKUs.

WEBSITE Data changes the nature of decision-making. Basing your purchasing decisions on data and up-to-date information is the best method to find success in your business. No need to reach for the phone, simply login to Our website is the Industry’s best with tools to check real-time stock availability, sort by top-selling, and status of backorders, review old invoices, and more. We even offer online chat and our international customer service team is always available by email. Your homepage has access to helpful data and up-to-date information about your account. Open order, invoice & order details, and reorder info are at your fingertips. One of the shop owners’ favorites is the one-year invoice summary where you can see and export a year’s worth of invoices. Live chat is available Monday - Friday from 8:00-5:00 EST. We know time is in short supply for you, so our Live Chat support service is here to give you answers. Just click and ask!

RATINGS & REVIEWS forum to share your opinion on products you have purchased and help business owners, just like you, make good buying choices. Imagine that you are trying to decide which Creative Grids® ruler is going to work best for your shop. You have narrowed it down to three. Now you can read the opinions of others who have purchased this ruler. Did they love it? What are the pros and cons? Is it easy to use and simple to show others how to use? Your buying decisions just got a little bit easier.

INCREASE YOUR PROFIT MARGINS At, you will find sale prices on the things your shop and customers want the most. What is your favorite way to shop for a sale? Do you prefer to sit back and browse the pages of a traditional sales flyer or get down to business quickly by using our website to filter by ‘on sale’? Whatever your style or time constraints, we have you covered with finding the best deals on the things your shop and customers want the most.

EMAIL PROMOTIONS As a Checker customer, you will be first to hear about special offers, new products, and promotions via emails sent to your inbox several times a week.

SOCIAL MEDIA Keep updated and follow us on social media. Our frequent posts highlight, new products, new vendors, tips, tricks, videos and more. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

CHECKER NEWSLETTER BLOG Each week, three articles are posted highlighting new and trending products. It’s free to subscribe, and when and article is posted, you will receive an email notification.

FREE SHIPPING Most notion, thread, books, and pattern items for domestic customers ship free via FedEx Ground. Batting, Fabric, and some other larger items are charged freight. The items that do incur freight charges are noted with an orange banner that says "+ FREIGHT" on the website.

INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDATED SHIPPING PROGRAM International customers will benefit from our Consolidated Shipping Program with heavily discounted freight rates.

FABRIC LEADER Checker has the industry’s most complete fabric portfolio. Shop over 50 of your favorite brands including Robert Kaufman, Hoffman, Marcus Fabrics, Wilmington Prints, Timeless Treasures, Riley Blake, Maywood Studio, and many more. Don’t miss our Discount Fabrics up to 70% off found on the Fabric. We are always updating these with new discounted fabrics and they are only available while supplies last.

VIDEOS Checker is here to make learning quick and easy. No need to search the internet, our website has hundreds of videos that you can use to educate yourself and staff. Empower them with a computer in your break room and have them spend a few minutes each day learning how notions and tools work.

EYES TO THE WORLD Checker Buyers actively search for new products and ideas that benefit Independent businesses and online retailers. New products are added to our website daily.

QUALITY PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVELY AT CHECKER When you purchase “Checker Exclusive" products you are purchasing extraordinary value for your dollar. Choose quality products from Creative Grids® USA, Cut Loose Press™, Karen Kay Buckley®, Batting By The Bolt, and The Gypsy Quilter®.

Checker Distributors® has a partnership with Creative Grids UK and is the exclusive distributor for Creative Grids® Non-Slip Quilting Rulers for the Western Hemisphere. We maintained our commitment to Independents by insisting that these rulers not be sold in chain stores. The consumer-based website features complete Creative Grids® information and a “Where to Buy” list of Independent Retailers who carry Creative Grids® Rulers. If you are an Independent Quilt Shop that stocks Creative Grids® rulers, please check the “Where to Buy” page to verify that your shop is listed. Please contact for more information. If you would like to order Creative Grids® rulers, please see the Notions category page and select “Creative Grids” under the “Select Vendor” pull-down menu.

Do you have an idea for a new sewing or quilting widget? We are searching for brilliant ideas that we can bring to life and would love to partner with you on your idea. If you have an idea please email

We are always looking to add new brands to our portfolio as well. If you are interested in selling your business please email

KNOWLEDGEABLE SALES REPS One-on-one help for making smart buying decisions. Independent shop owners, just like you, rely on Checker sales reps for knowledge, new trends, and good deals. A visit with your Checker sales reps will bring our warehouse into your shop. With suitcases of fabric samples, notions, and patterns, plus knowledge of what’s hot, selling, and a must-have for your shop, they travel throughout the USA. Respecting your time — they make it a priority to establish clear and effective communications to ensure your needs are fulfilled. Combined with a love for their job and a positive attitude, Checker sales reps provide passionate service that will extend from our products to your customers. To find your local sales rep, contact Byron Masson, our National Sales Manager at

NICHE Checker’s “niche” logo indicates “not in chains”. A “niche” is “a specialized market”. The conflict, Independents versus chains has continued for years. Chains, with massive buying power versus the small entrepreneur. Independents cannot compete with price. They compete by providing classes, specialized service, and when possible quality products that are not sold in the chains. Independents prefer products that are not in the chains. How do Independents know what products are not in the chains? Checker represents over 1,000 suppliers. We have fabrics, notions, quilting supplies, books, patterns, crafts, and gifts. We know which products are not in chains. We identify independent friendly products by:

  • Marking them with the “niche” logo in our catalogs, advertising, and website.
  • Identifying suppliers who provide independent friendly products.
  • Actively promoting these products.
  • Providing selection “niche” lists of suppliers for Independents to select.

Some suppliers do not have products in the chains; others a few and some have their entire product line. There are many selection opportunities for Independents. Chains do not always select the “best” items. Many times their choice is based upon making “middle of the road” choices that will have broad appeal. They skip over the good quality items. Chains do not make “quick” changes once the initial choices have been made. Trends and specialty areas are many times left out. There is opportunity for Independents in fabrics, notions, crafts, books, patterns and gift items. Sometimes brand recognition, consumer demand, or patented uniqueness mandates the Independent to stock a chain item. By contrast, different packaging allows many choices for the same or similar products. Checker has identified these items for you. There is the possibility that a product that is not in a chain now could some day be there. Upon discovery we will immediately remove the product from our “niche” program list. If you find a “niche” endorsed item in a chain then please let us know.

HANG TAG PROGRAM As an independent business owner saving time can be hard. Our Hang Tag Program was developed just for that. Placing a reorder as easy as 1-2-3. At no additional costs, you will receive color hangtags the first time we ship an item, which you have never purchased before. Using the wireless scanner available from Checker, you can scan the hangtag or UPC code of the items that you need to reorder. The item is instantly in the cart.