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Hat on a Cat Paper Calendar White
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From Whole Country Caboodle
By Anderson, Leanne
In Notecards, Notepads & Stationery
Brighten up your year with the whimsical "Hat on a Cat Paper Calendar" brought to you by Whole Country Caboodle. This unique cat-themed calendar will surely be the focal point of your space. Featuring adorable cats donning a variety of hats, it beautifully blends a sense of humor with utility. Each month showcases a new cat, wearing a hat befitting the season or holiday.

From a party-hat wearing cat in January to a witch-hat adorned feline in October, every page promises delight. Not only does this calendar serve as a delightful piece of art, but it also efficiently informs you of significant United States and Canadian holidays.


  • Materials: High-quality white paper, ensuring durability and clarity of the images and text.
  • Included: Twelve monthly pages from January to December 2024, each embellished with a unique cat illustration.
  • Special Features: Marks major holidays from both the United States and Canada.
  • Theme: Cats with hats representing each month's essence.
  • Use: Ideal for home or office spaces. Can also be a delightful gift for cat lovers or those who appreciate quirky art.
  • Compatibility: This paper calendar can be added to the Hat on a Cat Appliqué Calendar project, and related pattern, fabric, and precuts are available online.

    For the crafting enthusiasts, the calendar pairs perfectly with interchangeable monthly panels, making it an engaging project throughout the year. Keep track of important dates while enjoying a dash of feline charm with this unique calendar.

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