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Foldi GO
# U35050
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From Daylight Company
In Lighting & Magnifiers
Daylight items are not to be sold on Amazon, to Amazon, or to unauthorized Third Party Sellers that resell on Amazon or any other marketplace websites.

The Foldi GO is a premium, rechargeable task lamp, perfect for craft spaces, sewing tables, home workshops and mobile aesthetician services. The fully adjustable arm helps to focus light exactly where it is needed, making it easier to see projects clearly. The Foldi Go comes with a stylish carry case to securely transport the lamp to any location. Illuminate any area in your home, office or while on the go with this high-performance LED Task Lamp.

  • Color: White
  • Made of: Plastic and Metal
  • Use: Lamp
  • Included: One Lamp

  • $178.99
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