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Featherweight Schematic Servicing Mat for the White 221K7 Machine Zoom Icon
Featherweight Schematic Servicing Mat for the White 221K7 Machine
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From Featherweight Shop
In Machine Aids
Protect your counter top or table with this all-new Featherweight Servicing Mat! Designed so that you can maintain a tidy work-space and help to prevent all those little Featherweight screws from bouncing on a hard surface. The mat also works great during sewing as it dampens machine vibration. This mat features a complete schematic of parts of the entire Featherweight with views of the motor, foot controller and tension unit as well. These designs are sourced from various manuals and rare Featherweight documents in order to compile the most concise Featherweight schematic. The mat is 3mm thick, and the underside backing is rubber to help keep it in place during a machine service and / or to use while sewing; it has a bound edge for a clean finish. Service Mat measures 26in x 16in - the "just right" size! Servicing Mat is large enough for machine, tools, oil, grease and more.

Do not sell on third party websites such as Ebay or, etc. Cannot be sold Directly to Amazon

  • Color: Blue
  • Use: Featherweight Servicing Mat
  • Size: 26in x 16in
  • Included: One Mat

  • $26.95
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