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Tranquil Garden Needle Roll Pattern
# SS1074
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From Sue Spargo Folk-Art Quilts
By Spargo, Sue
In Hand Embroidery & Stitchery
Take or teach an explorative study in combining embroidery stitches with this breathtaking needle roll. Work through minimally layering the background with appliqué, then provide a lesson on utilizing positive and negative space. Learn how to mix various types of threads and colors harmoniously and utilize embroidery stitches in combinations to create amazing texture, dimension and graphics. Creative Stitching Book is needed for embroidery stitch instructions. 

  • Printed Paper Pattern
  • Final Product: Needle Roll, notion storage
  • Finished Size: 16.5in x 7.5in
  • Technique: Applique, Hand Embroidery / Stitchery, Applique includes wool and cotton
  • Templates included: Yes - Paper Templates
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

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