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Oh Honey Quilt Pattern
# SCQ-113
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From Southern Charm Quilts
By Traylor, Melanie
In Quilts
I love English Paper Piecing (EPP), but I rarely ever finish a whole quilt, not because I don’t want to, but because my heart moves on to another project before my hands have completed the current one. Maybe this is you too? I designed Oh Honey to deal with my little attention “problem”. It combines English Paper Piecing with regular piecing. It’s not an overwhelming amount of either, but just a enough to keep you interested and forging forward. If you’ve never tried EPP before, I think you’ll find this a great pattern for the beginner. There will be video tutorials for almost every step of the way.

Skill Level: Beginner English paper piecing
Speed: Very time consuming
Skills you will learn: How to English paper piece beginning to end including all about supplies, basting, the whipstitch, hand applique, and snowball corners
Makes an 80" square quilt Video tutorials included for almost every step
8 illustrated pages
Pattern has lots of helpful links included (including methods for basting, quilting and binding)

  • Printed Paper Pattern
  • Finished Size: 80in x 80in
  • Final Product: Quilt
  • Technique Used: English Paper Piecing
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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