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Good Girl Quilt Pattern
# SCQ-101
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From Southern Charm Quilts
By Traylor, Melanie
In Quilts
Good Girl is about as easy a quilt pattern as it gets for making quilt making! I've written this pattern for the purpose of scrap busting. I'm always left with those "less than a 1-4 yard bits" and scraps start to pile up. It can get overwhelming! And they need to find a home. Good Girl uses 2.5" width of fabric strips (42/44"), so it's also a good pattern for using leftover jelly rolls. The background can be a place to showcase larger prints and have a scrappy background as well. All measurements are given with scrap busting in mind and include the amount of yardage as a whole. Since only you know how wide your scraps and leftover pieces are, gather enough fabric to equal the amount of yardage required for each size.

Skill Level: Beginner
Skills Used: Basic straight line sewing
Speed: Very quick, could be done in a weekend!
3 Sizes: Small throw - 58"x62", Large throw - 58"x74", Bed - 74"x86"
Written for using scraps
5 illustrated pages
Pattern has lots of helpful links included (including methods for basting, quilting and binding) Perfect to showcase large-scale prints in the background

  • Printed Paper Pattern
  • Finished Size: Multiple
  • Final Product: Quilt
  • Technique Used: Standard Machine Sewing
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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