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Summer Memories The Floss by Susan Ache 10 Small Spools Zoom Icon
Summer Memories The Floss by Susan Ache 10 Small Spools
# SA30SM10
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From Aurifil USA
By Ache, Susan
In Sets and Samplers
Reminisce over old memories with Susan Ache’s new book, Summer Memories, including a range of gorgeous quilts and wonderful cross stitch pieces! The quilts are great for one-color wonders as well as stash-friendly sewing and the cross stitches are imbued with inspirational art and sampler text. Each quilt and cross stitch has a summer story to tell and Susan invites you to recreate and share your own summer memories with these resplendent designs.

Her coordinating thread set features 10 Small Spools of Aurifloss 6-strand divisible floss.

This set includes one spool of each of the following colors: 2805, 4140, 2606, 2420, 2435, 2325, 2886, 2888, 5002, 2270

  • Color: Assorted
  • Made of: Cotton
  • Use: Thread Collection
  • Size: 6 Strand Floss
  • Included: 10 Spools

  • $59.00
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