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ORMD Roxanne Temporary Adhesive Spray 7.2oz Zoom Icon
ORMD Roxanne Temporary Adhesive Spray 7.2oz
# RX-TAS72
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From Colonial Needle Co
In Adhesives
Roxanne Temporary Adhesive Spray (7.2 oz) is the latest addition to the family of Roxanne glues from Colonial Needle, perfect for quilting, sewing, appliqué, and other fabric crafts. Use it instead of pins or thread to baste a binding, tack a trim, hold a hem in place for sewing, secure a stabilizer under fabric for machine embroidery, and more. A fine mist of Roxanne Temporary Adhesive Spray on large or small pieces of fabric is repositionable, will not transfer to other surfaces, will not stain or otherwise damage fabric or clog needles. The tackiness of the adhesive will lessen and evaporate over time as fabric is manipulated. Wash with soap and water or dry clean to make the tackiness disappear right away. Roxanne Temporary Adhesive Spray is acid free and solvent free, odorless and colorless. As with most aerosol sprays, use in a well-ventilated area.

  • Made of: Adhesive
  • Size: 7.2oz
  • Use: Quilting, Fabric Basting, Sewing, Embroidery

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    Made in USA
    $19.99 ea
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