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The Laird And I
# PG-96260
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From Patience Griffin
By Griffin, Patience
In Fictional/Gift Books
Last summer, Sophie Munro met Hugh McGillivray for the first time and she liked him instantly. But the dashing young Laird behaved as if she didn’t exist…even though she was Summer Sophie—sunny and cheerful. Now in the dead of winter, Winter Sophie has arrived, and she’s one despondent lass without her therapy lamp!

When Sophie receives a cryptic email from Hugh—Can you housesit for me while I’m away?—she’s surprised, but agrees on one condition. While she’s there, she wants to learn the ancient art of kiltmaking at his woolen mill. But mischief is afoot. The quilters of Gandiegow and Whussendale have plotted to bring the pair together, thinking they would make the perfect match. But Hugh isn’t so sure. Although…Sophie has become indispensable as the kiltmaker's apprentice. And even the dogs like her best!

The Laird starts to realize Sophie’s presence is healing his grieving heart, and he’s doing his best to bring sunshine into her dark winter days. Will the Laird allow Sophie to leave when her time at Kilheath Castle is up? Or will he take a risk and keep her there forever?

  • Pages: 130
  • Author: Patience Griffin
  • Publish Date: 03/22/2016
  • Dimensions: 5.25in x 0.3in x 8in
  • Softcover

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    Made in USA
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