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# PBA300
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From By Annie
By Unrein, Annie
In Bags, Purses, Totes & Electronic Covers
This multi-pocketed saddlebag is your companion for sporting events, camping, or even at home or the office. Drape it over an armrest to stay organized and keep projects close at hand.
For those with mobility needs, attach it to a walker or rollator to carry the essentials in style.
The double-sided design holds the organizer securely in place. A roomy zippered main compartment and additional back pockets provide ample storage.

You'll have quick and easy access to the day's essentials.
Be sure to check out our An Introduction and A Closer Look videos for ways to attach and use Sidekick.

  • Printed Paper Pattern
  • Finished size: 11-1/2in H x 11in W x about 3-1/2in D when attached to device
  • Final Product: Purse / Tote / Bag
  • Technique Used: Standard Machine Sewing
  • Skill Level: Beginner

    Sidekick makes a great class for all levels of sewists and something that everyone from soccer moms to grandma will enjoy making and using.
    We'd suggest two half-day classes for this project.
    In the first class, they can complete steps II through VII of the pattern, prepare the various components of the organizer. What isn't finished during class can be assigned as homework to finish before the next class.
    In the second class, they'll complete step IX and X to prepare the Body Front and assemble the organizer.
    We recommend that students read the pattern and watch the Add-on Videos before coming to class.
    To make best use of class time, we also recommend that they come to class with everything cut out and labeled for their project and that they complete the basic steps to cut and quilt the fabrics for the project.
    So, they should complete all of step I. Cut and Quilt on pages 2 and 3 BEFORE coming to class.

    Add-on Video notice: There is an Add-on Video™ available for this pattern. The Add-on Video™ is specially designed to support specific parts of the pattern and help the customer learn our best techniques. It doesn't replace the pattern -- it will enhance their sewing experience.

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