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Pillow Case Linen 14in x 14in Zoom Icon
Pillow Case Linen 14in x 14in
# OESD8014
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From Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design LLC
In Embroidery Fabrics
OESD has made it super easy to change your pillow decor with each season! With a sewn-in zipper, soft texture, and serged open side seams, our zippered Easy Sew Pillow Blank is easy to hoop and embellish with your favorite embroidery designs. Once you've embroidered, simply sew up three sides, stuff with a pillow form and enjoy! Finished size 14in x 14in, Cotton/Polyester blend, 3 finished edges make creating so easy!, Embroider, sew up 2 sides, enjoy!

OESD items may not be sold on Amazon, or any other marketplace website. OESD items may not be sold to unauthorized third parties that resell on a marketplace website.

  • Made of: 20% Cotton, 80% Polyester
  • Size: 14in x 14in
  • Use: Embroidery Blank

  • $13.00
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