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BJ the Blue Jay
# LK-PT039
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From Legit Kits, LLC
In Foundation Paper Piecing
BJ the Blue Jay was named after a bird that followed a friend in her back yard. Flitting from tree to tree while she walked, BJ called out to her and would occasionally land on her hand. This top finishes to 30x40 inches.

This pattern contains:
• Color maps
• Fabric lists
• Assembly guide
• Foundation paper piecing instructions
• The full pattern printed on foundation paper
• No Y seams

This is a quilt top pattern only. Knowledge of foundation paper piecing is required to assemble this work of art. The basics of paper piecing are explained in a short photo enhanced guide included with your kit as well as further recommendations for learning this exciting technique.

Niche Item
Not in Chains
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Made in USA
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