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In My Dream World 12in x 12in  Aluminum Sign Zoom Icon
In My Dream World 12in x 12in Aluminum Sign
# LAL-AS1203
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From Lake & Laser
In Home Decor
This 12" x 12" metal sign has a high gloss smooth finish on front. Back is brushed aluminum. Made from UV treated aluminum, these signs are very durable. Image is dyed onto the surface of the metal making it almost impossible to scratch.

Design says: "In my dream world fabric is free and quilting makes you thin"

Note: Any aged-appearance, scratches, and rust are all part of the images used to create the signs. They have a smooth gloss finish. Due to monitor settings, colors may vary slightly from your screen.

  • Made of: Aluminum
  • Size: 12in x 12in x 0.25in
  • Use: Decorative Sign

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    Made in USA
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