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Round 30 Day Sampler Embroidery Class Volume 3 Zoom Icon
Round 30 Day Sampler Embroidery Class Volume 3
# KT-8190
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From Jennifer Heynen Creative Co.
By Heynen, Jennifer
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The fabric measures 16" x 16" and the printed sampler is 12" diameter for displaying in a 12" round hoop. This round preprinted fabric comes with a login to the video classes and a printed stitch guide. You will need a hoop, needles, floss and scissors for class. Whats the difference in samplers? Both the round and original volume 3, 30 Day Samplers teach the same stitches, The round sampler is much larger than the original rectangle sampler and can be displayed in a 12” hoop when finished. The original samplers come with floss, hoop and needles.

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