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Perfect Scissors Dark Teal 8-1/2in Bent Handle Micro-Serrated Non-Slip Blade Zoom Icon
Perfect Scissors Dark Teal 8-1/2in Bent Handle Micro-Serrated Non-Slip Blade
# KKB032
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From Karen K Buckley
By Buckley, Karen Kay
FB051524 Collection
In Scissors
These Perfect Scissors from Karen Kay Buckley have all the features you love. From the comfort grip bent handles to the micro-serrated blade, we’ve got your cutting needs covered. The bent handle design helps keep the fabric flat on your work surface, and the micro-serrated blades grips your fabric for smooth, precise, comfortable, mistake-free cutting. The longer blade is wonderful for quilting, crafting, and garment sewing too. As an added bonus, the comfort handles are designed for both right and left-handed cutting.

• Scissors cut sharp to the points.
• Easily cut up to 8 layers of fabric at a time.
• Keep scissors closed when not in use.
• Store in a safe place out of reach of children with the protective cover in place.
• Oil blades periodically and wipe with a soft cloth to prolong the life of your scissors.
• Adjustable screw for modifying tension of the blades when needed.

  • Color: Dark Teal Handle with Black Micro-Serrated Blade
  • Made of: Soft Plastic and 3.0mm Japanese High Carbon Steel
  • Use: Scissors
  • Overall Length: 8-1/2in
  • Blade Length: 3-1/16in
  • Included: One Pair of Scissors and a Blade Protector

  • $36.95
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