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Jen Kingwell - Jens Essentials
# JK5012JE5
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From Aurifil USA
In Sets and Samplers
Quilt Recipes is the latest book from Jen Kingwell, combining her love of quilting with her love of baking, which was passed down to her from her mum. Jen's passion is hand stitching, both piecing and quilting. She has used Aurifil thread from the day it was released in Australia, and this collection contains all of her essentials. Every project in Jen's new book has used these Aurifil threads. For lovers of quilts and baking, Quilt Recipes is a book that nourishes the soul and the tummy.

This collection included the following:
- 3 Small Spools 12wt: 2375, 6724, 4241
- 3 Small Spools 28wt: 2423, 6723
- 2 Small Spools 50wt: 2375, 672

  • Color: Assorted
  • Made of: Cotton
  • Use: Thread Collection
  • Size: Assorted
  • Included: 8 Spools of thread

  • $25.00
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