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100 Year Hoffman Challenge Bali Batiks
# HF50BB5
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From Aurifil USA
In Sets and Samplers
Hoffman California Fabrics was founded in 1924 by Rube P. Hoffman. Today, the fourth generation of the family carries on its traditions of design excellence, superior quality, and forward-thinking textile fashion. This year’s Hoffman Challenge is a celebration of 100 years of that textile magic, including being the first to bring the art of batik making to the retail fabric world. This is the very first Hoffman Challenge to feature Hoffman Bali Batiks!

Challenge participants are required to use a minimum of 5 of 15 featured SKUs and are encouraged to incorporate threads from the coordinating Aurifil thread set. Five small spools of 50wt thread in cool blue hues are truly the perfect partner!

This set includes one spool of each of the following colors:

  • Colors: Assorted Blues / Whites
  • Made of: Cotton
  • Use: Thread Collection
  • Size: 50wt
  • Included: 5 Small Spools

  • $34.00
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