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Large Button Lock Nickel
# EBLC-310NL
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From Emmaline Bags
In Bag & Tote Accessories
A large, round, button lock for a gorgeous, professional closure on the front flaps of bags and handbags. This is a thick, heavy, lock that would suit flap closure that is up to 3/6in (4mm) thick. The half circle shaped part of the lock sits on the bag flap, and the large button base is anchored to the body of the bag. Push the bottom of the center "button" to release the catch. It's necessary to cut a "half circle" shape into the finished edge of the front flap to attach. Measurements: Width (left to right) 1-1/2in or 39 mm, Height (Depth or thickness of lock) 3/8in (1 cm)

  • Color: Gray
  • Made of: Metal
  • Use: Bag Hardware
  • Size: 1-1/2in x 3/8in
  • Included: One Lock

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