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Emmaline Press Lock 1-1/8in Wide Antique Brass Zoom Icon
Emmaline Press Lock 1-1/8in Wide Antique Brass
# EBLC-309AB
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From Emmaline Bags
In Bag & Tote Accessories
A very sturdy, high quality press lock. No key required, this is a non-locking press lock, thumb catch, tongue lock. Install this little lock by sliding the press part onto a finished bag or wallet flap and screwing through the back to secure - USE GLUE for security! Place the backing plate prongs (the catch part) through your fabric and secure over a washer. Add a layer of stabilizer in between for strength. Easy!

Measurements: 1-1/8in (28 mm) wide x 1-1/2in (38 mm) high The groove that slides onto the bag/wallet flap has 3/16in (4mm) opening, and the lock sits about 1/2in (12 mm) high above the bag surface.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Made of: Metal
  • Use: Bag Hardware
  • Size: 1-1/8in x 1-1/2in
  • Included: One Lock

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