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From Cut Loose Press
By DeBord, Lisa
In Quilts
The perfect Spring wall hanging or table runner! Two chicks singing in a tulip patch, what could be cuter? By combining courthouse steps blocks, traditional log cabins, and curvy log cabins, the dimensional shapes come to life. And since everything is trimmed to size after cutting, sewing and pressing, the finished blocks go together like a dream.

24in x 56in.
CGRJAWMN4 and CGRJAW6MINI are required.
Project Type: Home.
Fabric Type: Yardage Friendly.
Project Time: 6 Hours+.

Cut Loose Press patterns are available in quantities of 6 or greater, so they are perfect for kits or hosting any size class! Printed on demand, we can handle your class of 7, 22, or 159. Get exactly what you need!

Each pattern is customized with your shop's Bill-To account name, phone number, and web site in 8-1/2in x 11in anti-copy card stock. Because they are customized, these patterns are not returnable.

Patterns are custom printed, center hole punched for easy display, and shipped as loose sheets, not individually poly-wrapped.

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