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# CAH460
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From Crabapple Hill Studio
By Hawkey, Meg
In Hand Embroidery & Stitchery
"Where the treetops glisten, and children listen, to hear sleighbells in the snow!" This joyful quilt is covered with playful snow families having fun in their wintry world! The embroidery is all very basic redwork… so no complicated stitches to slow you down. The piecing is all easy enough for a beginning quilter too!
Sleighbells Supply List

2 yards stitchery fabric (I used warm white muslin)
2 yards muslin for stitchery backing
¿ yard white fabric for inner border
¿ yard red fabric for inner border
¿ yard quilt binding
4 ½ yards quilt backing
2 yards total of light fabrics for piecing blocks
½ yard total of medium fabrics for piecing blocks
1 ¿ yards total of dark fabrics for piecing blocks
1 ¼ yd total of light fabrics for spacer blocks
Light box for tracing your embroidery patterns
Embroidery hoop (I like a 5” thin-sided spring tension hoop)
#7 Embroidery needle

Cosmo Embroidery Floss:
#800 - 9 skeins (or 10 just to be safe)

Niche Item
Not in Chains
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Made in USA
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