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Brick Cottage Lane 2
# BUS0121
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From Busy Hands
By Barnes, Myra
In Quilts
Brick Cottage Lane 2 is a stunning quilt pattern that includes 5 sizes – Baby 46” x 49”, Throw 58” x 70”, Twin 74” x 91”, Queen 98” x 98”, and King 106” x 98” - and is a versatile pattern that looks great in many fabric collections! Sweet pastels or bold, masculine prints are perfect for Brick Cottage Lane 2! The queen size is square, so the bricks can be oriented both vertically or horizontally. For all other quilt sizes, the bricks are oriented vertically. The joy of this pattern is that this pattern is entirely strip pieced, and you won’t be sewing together individual bricks unless you choose to! It would be extremely time-consuming to piece this quilt brick by brick - though not impossible. To save you incredible amounts of time and sanity, you will sew together strips of fabric into strip sets and then sub-cut segments from the strip sets. Then sew the segments together as shown in the pattern, and you have saved yourself BOAT LOADS of time. And that means you'll have time to make more quilts! :) You could, of course, cut a zillion bricks and sew them together one by one. The pattern also includes the traditional method of piecing this quilt, one brick at a time. This method allows 2-1/2" jelly roll strips to be used. Brick Cottage Lane 2 is suitable for advanced beginners and up. It has easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for cutting and piecing this stunning quilt. Previous knowledge of quilt top assembly, basting, quilting, and binding are assumed and are not taught in this pattern.

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