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Travel Laundry Bag
# APTLB111
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From Angela Pingel
In Bags, Purses, Totes & Electronic Covers
Nothing is better than taking a handmade piece from home along with you while you are away on a trip. Personalized items bring to mind the hands that made them and the people behind those hands. Whether you are creating for yourself or giving gifts to others, the comfort of carefully constructed bags is undeniable. Traveling handmade is the perfect way to make any trip away from home feel a bit more special. Flawlessly finished on the inside and out, this laundry bag is sized for traveling. It’s so cute, you many not want to put dirty laundry in it!

Skill Level:
Advanced Beginner


Finished Size | 20¿ X 9½” DIAMETER

Single Fold Bias Tape (optional for finishing interior seams and exterior seams)
½ yard Feature Print
¼ yard Accent Fabric
Fat Quarter Canvas Fabric for the handle and bottom circle base
2 yards ¼” Cording for the drawstring
¿ yard Mesh Utility Fabric
Circle Template included in the pattern

Niche Item
Not in Chains
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Made in USA
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