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Going Coastal! Quilt Pattern
# AEQCGC1018
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From Art East Quilting CO
In Quilts
Going Coastal includes complete instructions for making a 50” x 68” quilt (as seen on the cover) or individual blocks for smaller projects. The individual blocks include: the mermaid block (22.5 x 24.5” finished), the lighthouse block (6” x 19” finished), the anchor block (7” x 10” finished), the buoys block (4” x 24.5” finished), the fisherman block (15.25” x 17.5” finished), the whale block (20” x 17” finished), the fishing boat block (15” x 10” finished), the fish block (8” x 24.5” finished), the lobster block (9” x 12.25”) finished and the seagull block (7.25” x 5.25” finished). This project is designed using conventional piecing techniques (no paper-piecing).

The pattern is a 20 page 5” x 8” booklet printed in full-colour and saddle stitched with a rigid gloss cover.

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