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Magnetic Pin Dish White & Black
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From Featherweight Shop
In Pincushions
These bowls are fashioned after the original Featherweight, featuring purple and gold decals, distinctive to the Singer Featherweight 221. Brand new and decorative to tag along with all your portable sewing and maintenance! This magnetic bowl isn't just for keeping all your pins, bobbins, attachments and accessories ready and at hand, but it's also the perfect companion for when you're servicing and maintaining your machine... It will hold all those little screws and bits securely.... and CUTELY! Super strong magnet on the under side of the dish is also perfect for locating screws or pins that happen to land on the floor or obscure places.

Do not sell on third party websites such as Ebay or, etc. Cannot be sold Directly to Amazon

  • Color: White and Black
  • Made of: Plastic and Metal
  • Use: Pin Collector Dish
  • Included: One Pin Dish

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    Made in USA
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