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Amy Barickmans Vintage Notions
# ABP12300
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From Amy Barickman
By Barickman, Amy
In Sewing
An inspirational guide and creative collection that features needlework, cooking, sewing, fashion, and fun. This book was inspired by the wisdom of Mary Brooks Picken, a pioneer in the domestic arts and international authority on dressmaking and fashion. Mary's sole purpose, which resonated so deeply with Amy, was to educate women, encourage their entrepreneurial spirit, and elevate the value of their work. Mary's name may not be familiar to you now, but in these pages you will be charmed by her vision and inspired by her blueprint for living a simple, fulfilling life. In Vintage Notions, Amy Barickman joins creative forces with a previous era to preserve Mary's work and showcase it alongside her own extensive collection of vintage textiles, needlework, illustrations, and memorabilia, for a new generation of sewing and crafting sisters.
The book features:
- Inspirational essays and projects for each month of the year
- Seasonal recipes and decorating ideas
- Four storage pockets one for each season
- Twelve Magic Patterns easy-to-make, chic sewing projects
- Vintage timeless advice on health, character, beauty, style, fashion, parenting, communication, friendship, spirituality, community
- Glossary of Stitches with 28 illustrated hand embroidery stitches.
- Hardback, embossed cover 240 pages full color.

  • Pages: 240
  • Author: Amy Barickman
  • Publish Date: September 2010
  • Hardcover
  • Dimensions: 8-1/2in x 9-1/2in

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