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Christmas Sewing Needles Assortment 15pc Zoom Icon
Christmas Sewing Needles Assortment 15pc
# 99988
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From Bohin
In Assortments, Display Racks & Cabinets
It’s Christmas night, everyone is waiting for Santa Claus to arrive... It’s the full moon, it shines in an exceptional way on this December night... But... what do we see in the faraway? This book of 40 BOHIN needles with a Christmas design is a perfect gift for Christmas and thread arts lovers! It will give them a bit of Christmas spirit every time they open the needles book. A product that will boost your sales for the end. BOHIN needles are famous for their excellent glide. They are made in our French workshops by passionate needle makers. A wide assortment: The 40 needles in this assortment include all the thread arts disciplines. A fairy and tiny design: This beautiful snowy village is waiting for Santa Claus to arrive... who is obviously approaching! Convenient needle book: Kinds and sizes needles are indicated in the needle book for a long-lasting storage. Wooden display: To highlight these beautiful needles books in your shop.

  • Made of: Steel
  • Use: Hand Sewing Needles
  • Size: Assorted
  • Dimensions of Wooden Display: 260mm x 170mm x 60mm
  • Includes: 15 envelopes of 40 needles and wooden display

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