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Better Board
# 38437S
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From Sullivans
In Irons & Accessories
Turn your standard ironing board into a spacious pressing surface with the BetterBoard. This overlay offers plenty of space for your biggest projects. Simply place over your existing ironing board to create a work surface with rounded corners. The BetterBoard comes completely assembled with a smooth laminated surface and a fitted ironing cover with protective pad. It features bottom railings that are 14.875" wide and will fit over most standard ironing boards. It is great for pressing lengths of fabric and quilt tops easily and quickly. Sit or stand while working on projects such as ironing, quilting, crafting, painting, cutting, and more. The ironing board can be lowered or raised to your desired height making the BetterBoard an ideal solution for any type of project.

Save on space! The BetterBoard can be folded in half with a convenient carrying handle for easy storage and travel.
- Open: 59in (L) x 22in (W) x 1in (H)
- Closed: 29.5in (L) x 22in (W) x 2.25in (H)
- Weight: 22 lbs

  • Color: White
  • Made of: Ironing Board Overlay
  • Size: Open, 59in (L) x 22in (W) x 1in (H) and Closed, 29.5in (L) x 22in (W) x 2.25in (H)

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