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Omni and M-Style Super Bob Starter Set Light Gray Zoom Icon
Omni and M-Style Super Bob Starter Set Light Gray
# 134-SET-LGRY
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From Superior Threads
In Sets and Samplers
Tex 30 (approx. 40 weight) poly-wrapped poly core thread. Designed for quilting, serging, and sewing. OMNI has become a favorite go-to thread for longarm quilters. It is a cleaner, brighter, and stronger alternative to other poly-wrapped poly core threads. This means that you will spend more time quilting with far fewer interruptions of broken threads and skipped stitches. OMNI is a 40 wt. polyester thread that is designed to withstand the rigors of high-speed quilting.
Designed for applique, bobbin thread, embroidery, and quilting. M Style Bobbins
Now combined in a starter set!

  • Made of: Polyester
  • Size: 6000yds & 240yds
  • Use: Starter Kit
  • Color: Grey

  • $31.95 set
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