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Happily Ever Alaska Book 3 in Sweet Home Alaska Series Zoom Icon
Happily Ever Alaska Book 3 in Sweet Home Alaska Series
# 10151-3
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From Random House
By Griffin, Patience
In Fictional/Gift Books
HAPPILY EVER ALASKA is book #3 in the Sweet Home, Alaska series, which stars quilters in Alaska. The featured pattern for this book is the Sweet Home Apron, which is included in the Gandiegow Christmas Tree/Sweet Home Apron pattern
Book #1 ONE SNOWY NIGHT (10147-6), pattern: Izzie's Tree Quilt
Book #2 ONCE UPON A CABIN (10149-0), pattern: Once Upon a Cabin

Have a monthly book club with Patience Griffin's books to give your customers the community they are looking for. Study guide questions at Blurb: Lolly Crocker bakes up warm desserts in her chilly Alaskan town, but can she handle the reigniting of an old flame? Whenever things get too serious, baker Lolly Crocker knows it’s time to break it off with a guy. Without fail, her gut would tell her that the man she was dating was not Mr. Right. The one exception is Shaun Montana, her high school sweetheart. With Shaun, life felt complete; but her mother convinced her she was too young to be tied down, and Lolly broke up with him the night before she left for college. While Lolly keeps every relationship light, Shaun is never less than fully committed—and still somehow his romances have all ended badly. When he comes back to Sweet Home, his attraction to Lolly is as fiery as ever, but he's determined to keep things casual for once...just when Lolly is finally ready to risk her heart on a second chance with the man she loved so long ago.

  • Pages: 336
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House
  • Publish Date: 09/26/2023
  • Softcover

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    Made in USA
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