Super Bright Polyester Embroidery Thread 2-ply 40wt 1100yds Cone Forest
# 1005RA9144
From Robison-Anton
In Super Bright Poly 1100yd = 1005RA
Robison-Anton Super Brite® Polyester embroidery thread is designed specifically for high-speed machine embroidery, monogramming and decorative stitching. These threads are high sheen, giving your designs a glossy professional look.

Each Mini-King spool contains 1100 yards of 40-weight thread.

Color: Cone Forest
  • 2-Ply 40wt 1100yds 120 Denier
  • Needle size 11/75
  • Market's leading thread.
  • Mini-king ideal for any type machine.
  • Mini-king superior to traditional sewing spools.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Super bright shine.
  • Bleach resistant.
  • Top quality.
  • True value.

  • Not in Chains

    Made in USA
    $4.99 ea