Super Strength Rayon Embroidery Thread 2-ply 40wt 120d 1100yds Danube
# 1002RAMP024
From Robison-Anton
By Pollard, Marcia
In Rayon Elegance 1100yd = 1002RAMP
Designed for Robison-Anton by Marcia Pollard. The Elegance embroidery thread collection is one of the most beautiful color sets we've ever seen and is sure to add style and grace to your embroidery designs! Brilliant colors with a silky, lustrous appearance. Soft, smooth feel. Higher sheen than polyester. Made from high tenacity rayon.

Color: Danube
  • 2-Ply 40wt 1100yds 120 Denier
  • Needle size 11/75
  • Market's leading thread.
  • Mini-king ideal for any type machine.
  • Mini-king superior to traditional sewing spools.
  • Smooth and easy running.
  • Bright - high lustrous sheen.
  • Excellent execution.
  • Excellent washability.
  • Less equipment wear.
  • Top quality.

  • $5.99 ea