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LOL Argyle Style
# RJD330
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From R.J. Designs
By Lambson, Roma
In Quilts
The LOL quilt series are unique variations of the traditional Irish Chain design.
The sixteen page pattern booklet gives detailed instruction needed to construct bed-sized quilts using LOL (lots Of Little) one-inch squares.

RJ Designs has simplified the process to create these awe-inspiring quilts
using an innovative method of strip-piecing.

You, and possibly a group of friends, can decide if you want to trade strips, as many different fabric strips are needed for constructing this stunning quilt.
Decide whether you want to stay within a theme such as, solid fabrics, reproduction prints, batiks or totally scrappy- where anything goes (my favorite).

You are about to embark on one of your most exciting and unique quilt piecing experiences!

Each booklet includes Variations for:
King Size Quilt (108" X 108")
Queen Size Quilt (96" X 108")
TWO Twin Size Quilts (66" X 96").

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