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From Quiltmania
By Bailloeul, Odile
In Quilting - General
Nomadic influences have been inspiring Odile's designer work for a long time: the gypsy route, starting from India, crossing the Slavic countries, touching the Nordic lands, and settling in Camargue and Andalusia, sparks her imagination... Some creations in this book will prompt you to go outside: bags, nomadic covers, travel blankets, a picnic set... Others will transform a corner of your home or terrace into a place for dreaming, with the deckchair, the quilts, and the cushions. The key thing is that this universe provides you with joy and well-being! Motifs originating from the folklore and folk art from around the world, an abundant and inspiring Nature, colours that sing together, an accumulation of small hand-made treasures, fill this colourful book, which offers 23 projects to create. Odile is a French artist who was tutored in the Applied Arts. She lives is a cosy place, tucked away in Western France with her husband, her cat, and a lovely caravan in their garden. This colourful character, with fiery red hair and flower-covered clothes, who loves tinkering, writing books, and painting, has created numerous textile creations for companies such as Free Spirit and Art Gallery Fabrics, ribbons for Renaissance Ribbons, and decorative objects and jewels in a splendid bohemian style. Book in French and English

  • Pages: 248
  • Softcover
  • Publish Date: 02/15/2023
  • Includes Full Size Patterns

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