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From Quiltmania
By Colwill, Jo
In Quilting - General
Quiltmania is excited to launch our first book with Jo Colwill, dedicated to the things she loves best: the countryside, nature, animals and sewing. Jo’s attention to detail, and elaborate scenes, are unlike anything you have ever seen. This book is an appliqué lover’s dream! Jo has created a diversity of projects to decorate your home with. Drawing from everyday life in the country, Jo’s quilts portray flower compositions, orchards, exquisite country fairs, and her favorite animals. For those who love to make pillows and cushions to accompany your quilts, you will not be disappointed! Her pie-crust cushions are simply a must. 16 projects of varying difficulty are carefully detailed and illustrated, along with a section on her favorite embroidery stitches. Jo Colwill is the Founder and Owner of Cowslip Workshops, a patchwork shop, organic café and workshop all rolled into one! Located in the Cornwall countryside, this little “piece of heaven” is the culmination of Jo’s passions. Workshops taught by some of the best and inspiring teachers from all over the world are held regularly. Jo’s love of fabric, sewing, teaching and sharing are the building blocks of this idyllic farm. Serving local, farmhouse food, produce from the kitchen garden and to-die-for pastries prepared daily, Jo has created the perfect place to learn, share and relax. For more information:

  • Pages: 200
  • Author: Jo Colwill
  • Publish Date: 2020

  • $56.89
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