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Quiltfolk Puzzle 01 - Quilt Backs
# QF01QB
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From Quiltfolk
In Puzzles & Games
18 x 24 inches
Made in the USA
Limited edition printing of 500

Quiltfolk Puzzles are made in partnership with The New York Puzzle company. All puzzles are crafted from 100% recycled chipboard that is 20% thicker than standard puzzles. Our linen-style paper reduces glare, and each puzzle is shaken prior to shipment to reduce puzzle dust. Enjoy!

Quilts on Beaver Island
Quilt backs aren’t often celebrated, but Gwen Marston made hers sing. The stunning work of this legendary quilter, writer, and national treasure, has inspired several generations. Quiltfolk captured this image on Beaver Island, off the coast of Michigan, where we interviewed Marston for Issue 08: Michigan. The improvisation master lived in a cabin-like home on the remote island for 34 years, until her passing in April 2019. There, she quilted by the hour, mostly by hand, soaking up the peace of the lush woods surrounding her. Marston will be greatly missed, but her work lives on in the hearts of legions of quilters.

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Made in USA
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