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Refill Tuffet in a Day Fusible Interfacing No instructions
# PFI100
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From Tuffet Source
In Pre-Printed Fusible
Fusible Foundation Refill for our Pieced 18in Tuffet (PPFP100) and our 18in Tuffet in a Day (TDFUS1). There are no instructions included with the individual foundation refill. There are 2 PANELS in every PFI100 envelope; 2 panels are required to make 1 tuffet.

Our exclusive printed fusible interfacing is a full-size panel image of cut lines and sewing lines printed on fusible interfacing, designed by Sharyn. Included are two interfacing panels each containing four foundation patterns which are required to complete one tuffet. You cut out each interfacing panel and iron it onto muslin, then cut out all eight individual foundation pieces. The fusible interfacing acts as a guide for cutting and sewing foundation pieces for an 18in diameter tuffet.

  • Woven
  • Fusible
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Single Sided
  • Washing/Drying instructions: Follow Fabric Care instructions
  • Best use: Tuffet Refill

  • Niche Item
    Not in Chains
    Made in USA Icon
    Made in USA
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