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Face Mask - Pack of 25
# PBA292-25
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From By Annie
In Face Masks - Premade
This quick-to-make Face Mask has pleats on each side for expansion.

Elastic (or fabric) ties on top and bottom help keep the mask snug against the face and adjust for comfortable wearing.

A flexible wire inserted at the top of the mask allows the wearer to shape the mask to fit more closely around the nose.

The pattern includes instructions for masks in three sizes:
Small: 5in x 6.5in
Medium: 6in x 8.5in
Large: 6.5in x 9.5in

Get your friends and guild members started with this low-priced printed pattern. Each package includes 25 individual patterns* for easy sharing. The patterns are printed in full color on glossy letter stock.

IMPORTANT: These are non-medical masks for non-medical personnel. Homemade masks are not guaranteed nor intended to protect you from specific contagious diseases, fine particles, or other contaminants. Always check with appropriate authorities for your intended use.

For more information about protection from the novel coronavirus, please visit the CDC website at

We are aware that healthcare facilities have requested homemade masks during the COVID-19 crisis. This pattern may not meet their specifications. Please review their requirements before making masks for their use.

  • Printed Paper Pattern
  • Final Product: Face Mask
  • Finished Size: Small: 5in x 6.5in, Medium: 6in x 8.5in, or Large: 6.5in x 9.5in

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    Made in USA
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