Coloring Book of Quilt Blocks and Designs
# L113428
From Landauer
In Craft
Relax and unwind with page after page of beautiful, intricate designs to color. Inspired by classic quilt blocks, each illustrated page invites you to take your mind off the stresses of the everyday, and engage your brain with creative and fun coloring. Coloring Book of Quilt Blocks & Designs contains 29 quilt block designs presented first as 12 blocks on a single page. Then, on the following page, the design is tessellated and presented as a full-page coloring design. Coloring Book of Quilt Blocks & Designs offers endless inspiration with its unique geometric designs. Though inspired by classic quilt blocks, this adult coloring book appeals to anyone looking for a creative outlet. The pages spark colorful creativity, all while unwinding and taking a few moments to relax and revel in the beauty of color. The pages of the coloring book are suitable for colored pencils, markers or gel pens. This quilting-inspired coloring book calls for an afternoon with the quilt group, relaxing, exploring color, finding inspiration for new quilt designs and motifs and reminiscing about a favorite childhood past time-- coloring.
Soothe away the stresses of the day by picking up a colored pencil, gel pen or marker and filling in the inspiring illustrations on each coloring page. Quilters and non-quilters alike will enjoy the geometric designs and inspiring qualities of coloring. Use the coloring pages to test out various color combinations before purchasing fabric for a quilt project, or simply keep the coloring book by your bed to wind down and calm your mind.

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