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Quilt As You Go Rolling Stone
# JT-1404
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From June Tailor Inc
In Fusible
Create the Rolling Stone Block Pattern with Quilt As You Go Pre-Printed Batting. Pre-printed polyester batting with fusible back for easier piecing and quilting. Allows complex quilting designs to be handled on a standard sewing machine. Includes six blocks for a 24in x 36in quilt. Use more blocks for a larger quilt.

• Includes six 12 in finished size blocks for a 24 in x 26 in quilt. Use more blocks for a larger size quilt.
• Sew and quilt individual blocks then join together for a finished quilt.
• Fusible back side of batting to secure quilt back.
• Easy piece-by-number block construction on front.
• Block is automatically quilted as you sew.
• Additional quilting can be added to each block before joining.
• Change the fabric colors and block layouts to create different style quilts.
• Made in the USA

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Made in USA
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