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Stripology Shop Program Planner
# GE509
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From G. E. Designs
By Erla, Gudrun
In Quilting - Pieced
Whether you set up your Stripology program as a monthly class, a monthly meeting or even just a monthly demo at the store, this planner will help make your event a success. Use the Stripology Ruler and booklet as your base, there are 6 patterns in the book so you have 6 events or classes good to go. Maximize sales by preparing kits and stocking add-on items. Give your customers a great learning experience with the ruler and send them home with creative ideas on how to use what they learned in another quilt or project.
Each pattern in the Stripology book is offered in 3 different sizes, a Mini Quilt, Table Runner and a Crib size quilt. This will give your customers great options for what they want to embark on. On top of that, each pattern has a matching single pattern which uses 2-1/2” strips so if someone loves the pattern in class and wants to make a larger quilt out of it, you can make sure to have those patterns and kits available for them to purchase.
Create a great experience for your customers with personal touches of homemade snacks, strip swaps, and games. Uses Creative Grids Stripology Ruler CGRGE1

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