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Bitorre Mix Lite Cotton Thread Display
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From Aurifil USA
In Assortments, Display Racks & Cabinets
Tower One of the BiTorre Misto features a variety of weights and colors. The 40 weight selection of neutrals, colors and variegated threads come on Aurifil’s signature large spool. The 80 weight, 28 weight, and 12 weight threads come on the small spool in assorted popular colors. Tower Two of the BiTorre Misto features a comprehensive collection of 50 weight threads in neutral, bright and variegated colors in both large and small spools.

Assortment includes:
- 160 spools of 12wt small spools (32 colors)
- 160 spools of 28wt small spools (32 colors)
- 147 spools of 40wt large spools (49 colors)
- 280 spools of 50wt large spools (56 colors)
- 231 spools of 50wt small spools (77 colors)
- 120 spools of 80wt small spools (24 colors)

- Storage Space
- Stylish & elegant
- 36 removable trays
- Display labels with color name and number
- Up to the full array of Aurifil colors
- Perfect for a new store wanting to offer a range of Aurifil

  • Made of: Metal and Wood
  • Use: Store Display
  • Size: 65.74in (H) x 25.59in (W) x 10.62in (D)
  • Included: Two displays and 1098 Spools of thread

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