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Edge-to-Edge Quilting Academy Core Dealer Kit Zoom Icon
Edge-to-Edge Quilting Academy Core Dealer Kit
# ASD275
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From Amelie Scott Designs
In Machine Embroidery
Edge-to-Edge Quilting Academy Core Dealer Kit

Welcome to the Edge-to-Edge Quilting Academy!
This is a virtual, hands-on class, hosted by Amelie Scott Designs.

Your customers will join Christine Conner over Zoom, as she teaches her quilting technique and answers their questions. Attendees learn and gain confidence in the technique while quilting a whole cloth. Then, they cut it ¿apart to make a set of 4 place mats.

Sales opportunities:
- Workbook sale -- simply sell the book, and we do the rest.
- Sponsor a class -- build a buzz, and let your customers interact.
- Sell kits -- sell the fabric and notions attendees will need.
- Snap Hoop Monster -- sell this great product, which is highlighted in class.

Important points:
- Customers can join a class you sponsor, or self-register for any class that meets their schedule.
- Workbook contains $75 worth of bonus designs and projects.
- You can sell the class workbooks all year long!

This kit includes:
- Sample Core class workbook -- you can use it to:
- Promote the program in Facebook or other social media sessions.
- Make samples to display in your store.
- Promotional materials -- images, text, and ads you can use to promote this product and your event, if you choose to sponsor a class.
- Supply lists -- you can use to assemble kits.
- Add-on sales products -- a list of the products that Christine uses during class, so that you can promote and sell these items ahead of time.
- Event suggestions -- information to help ensure successful events.

All costs for the Edge-to-Edge Quilting Academy are built into the price of the workbook. So, each time you sell a workbook, you’ve sold a seat to a profitable event.

Limit one per store. Not intended for resale.

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