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Ovo Compact Iron and Steamer
# 150GT
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From Reliable Corporation
In Irons & Accessories
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Meet the mini multi-tasker. It's an iron. It's a steamer. It's both! But don't be fooled by its charm. This portable powerhouse travels light and takes out wrinkles without taking up space. Features a soft touch handle, steam pump, powering on light indicator, and sleep feature. When unused, the iron will go into standard sleep mode, when you move it, it will wake back up and be ready for use.

Weighs 24 ounces and has a 6.3 foot electrical cord. The maximum temperature on the iron reaches 305 degrees F. Comes with a heat proof fabric bag, great for travel. The heat proof bag will serve two purposes; one to rest the hot iron on while using, and two to store your iron in when finished even if it is still warm / hot. Just make sure that the electrical cord is not in contact with the sole plate inside the bag.

110V Water Capacity of 3.7oz 1180 Watts 10 amps power consumption

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