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True Blue Quilts
# 11198
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From Kansas City Star Quilts
By Plog, Annette
In Quilting - General
The blue-and-white quilt is one of the most desired antiques, and many can still be found in good condition. Learn the history of blue fabrics used during the 19th century, from the first production of indigo fabrics through the invention of the sewing machine, and up to the development of synthetic dyes in the late 1800s. Get inspired to design and create your own heirlooms, stitching up 15 historically accurate reproduction quilts from traditional blocks.

- Preserve and honor history with 15 traditional blue-quilt patterns made from reproduction fabrics.
- Discover the blue quilts of the Civil War years, from the first indigo fabrics to synthetic dyes.
- Educate yourself in 19th-century quilt history, and sew practical projects from easy, familiar blocks.

  • Pages: 80
  • Author: Annette Plog
  • Publish Date: 04/01/2017
  • Dimensions: 8.61in x 0.22in x 11.06in
  • Softcover

  • $24.95
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