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Wool Applique the Piece O' Cake Way- Softcover Zoom Icon
Wool Applique the Piece O' Cake Way- Softcover
# 11109
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From C & T Publishing
By Goldsmith, Becky
and Jenkins, Linda
In Wool General
12 Cheerful Projects • Mix Wool with
Cotton and; Linen Get luscious colors and textures in your quilts with 12 all new projects from Piece O’ Cake Designs. Best-selling authors Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins add felted wool applique to crisp cottons and linens for added dimension on quilts and home decor. Easy to stitch and easier to love, wool applique has no edges to turn under, making it ideal for beginners and
experienced quilters! From picking the best supplies to hand stitching methods and quilt finishing tips, you’ll learn it all. Use wool in surprising new ways!
All-new designs! 12 colorful projects with felted wool applique.
Cotton and linen pair with felt for deeper dimensions. Includes quilts, pillows, table runners, and a zippered pouch. From best-selling authors behind Piece O’ Cake Designs.
80 pages

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