From Shadows To Sunshine - Softcover
# PMBK20
From Piecemakers
In Embroidery & Stitchery (Hand)
Piecemakers' NEW ribbon embroidery project book, From Shadows to Sunshine, stands apart from the other books on the shelf with the many vibrantly colored photos strewn across 102 pages and with the 19 cutting-edge project to learn. Inside you will find a full color Needle Guide, Embellishment guide and an extensive Thread and Ribbon Guide to answer all of your questions as well as a "how to" stitches section with over 60 to choose from, and the book also provides fold out pattern pages. This book not only makes new projects easy but it is perfect to display on a coffee table as a beautiful picture book. Simple silk ribbon embroidery stitches are made into elegant creations for crazy quilts, needle books, pincushions, hats, keepsake boxes, wall hangings, chatelaines, velvet purses and slippers. Every turn of the page brings a different motif for a different project including a red velvet apple pincushion with wedges made of crazy quilt stitches, a velvet hat pincushion covered in flowers and ruched ribbon, a pincushion in a teacup, hand embroidered miniature dress form pincushion stands, an embellished dress scissor holder, an under the sea treasure box, and a haunted hideaway treasure box. Motifs include butterflies, sea turtle, coral, starfish, mouse, dragonflies, bumble bees, spiders, flowers, peacock, buzzard, cardinal, cupcake, pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, winding leaves and vines, snowflakes, a cardinal, flip flops, cats, pine trees, cornucopia, acorns, coral, seaweed, fish, and seahorse.

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Made in USA