Lavishea Lavisalve Cuticle Treatment Lavender Eucalyptus
From Lavishea
In Personal Care
Cuticle treatment salve with Lavender and eucalyptus essential oils that combine to give this soothing salve a herbal floral scent. The salve penetrates dry cuticles to replenish lost moisture. Gluten Free .8oz.

LaviShea Lotion Bars are made with the finest natural ingredients. Our lotion bars integrate the moisturizing and healing properties of unrefined shea butter and 100% natural soy, complimented with premium botanical oils, essential oils, and/or skin-safe fragrance. The bars melt with your body heat and absorb quickly and completely without leaving a greasy residue, penetrating deep into the skin to re-hydrate and moisturize.

Lavishea Lotion Bars may look like soap, but no water is necessary. Simply rub the bar on your skin, and the heat of your body will melt the lotion. It is quickly absorbed for a non-greasy finish. This trait makes it the perfect bar for yarn and needle arts. It is a perfect way to moisturize dry hands and avoid snagging delicate work without leaving a residue on treasured projects.

Not in Chains

Made in USA